Growing School Food Gardens

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  • 1.  Funding a School Garden

    Posted 06-15-2022 01:22:00 PM
    At the undergraduate level, I wrote grant proposals within a course that was on making sustainable/green classrooms, which we then used to petition the college as well as the local community to begin a school/community garden.   I am currently working on developing various grant proposals to begin an EcoJustice/school garden/sustainability education program in my school district.   I am hoping to have the students take ownership of the garden and to see myself as more of a facilitator, but I'm hoping to ask local farms for donations and/or sponsorship, as well as ask for donations of supplies, monetary donations, or time from other stakeholders.   I would love to become more involved… hopefully my EcoJustice course proposal gets approved and it will benefit the students, their families, staff and faculty, community members, and other stakeholders.  I would love any and all resources that could be made available to me to assist me in this endeavor!  

    Brooke Chuddley Diatta