Webinar: Teaching Multilingual Learners in the Garden

When:  May 23, 2024 from 04:00:00 PM to 05:00:00 PM (PT)

This webinar series is presented by Life Lab in partnership with KidsGardening.

Join us for a webinar to help empower educators to effectively teach multilingual learners. In today's diverse classrooms, it is essential to equip teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to support students who are acquiring English as a second language while maintaining their native languages. We will delve into promising practices, pedagogical approaches, and innovative strategies designed to create inclusive and successful learning environments for multilingual learners.

Focus areas will include:

  • Cultural Competence: Understanding the cultural backgrounds and experiences of multilingual learners to create a welcoming and respectful classroom.
  • Language Development: Exploring techniques to foster language acquisition, including supporting home languages and the development of academic English.
  • Differentiated Instruction: Participants will experience a model lesson that uses adaptive teaching methods to accommodate varying language proficiency levels and individual learning styles.
  • Support Services: Identifying and utilizing support services, such as ESL programs and language assessment tools.

This webinar is designed for educators, administrators, and anyone interested in fostering an inclusive, multilingual learning environment. Attendees will gain valuable insights and practical tools to ensure that multilingual learners thrive academically and socially.


This webinar is part of a yearlong "In the Growing Classroom" webinar series presented by Life Lab that blends the marvels of nature, the magic of cross-curricular connections, and the joy of culinary exploration! This 6-part series invites you to explore effective outdoor classroom management, integrating Next Generation Science Standards and the C3 Framework for Social Studies into garden education and the culinary arts through traditional and heat-free methods.

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