Seed Sharing

Did you save seeds with your young gardeners this year? Order too many seeds? Are you searching for a hard-to-find seed? Do you want to connect with other gardens?

Sharing seeds is a great way for you and the kids you're gardening with to connect with other gardeners and youth garden programs across the country!

Two kids with beans

Please follow these guidelines for sharing seeds with and/or requesting seeds from Kids Garden Community members:

 There are two options for sharing or asking for seeds:

Post in the Seed Saving and Exchanging group

Seed Saving and Exchanging Group

Use this seed sharing spreadsheet 

Seed Sharing Spreadsheet

 If you are responding to a post, please "Reply Privately" unless your reply is relevant to others within the Community.

 If you have seeds to share, it is your responsibility to send seeds.

 Review these best practices for exchanging seeds. This includes information on labeling seeds, checking for invasive species, and more.

We're happy to help! Send us an email at