Growing School Food Gardens

Growing School Food Gardens

Calling all educators and volunteers growing (or interested in growing) food in a school garden!!!
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The KidsGardening team is thrilled to announce that we were awarded a USDA Implementation Grant in July 2021 for our “Growing School Food Gardens” (GSFG) Project. 

Our goal for this project is to use the Kids Garden Community to form a vibrant network devoted to growing school food gardens, cultivating support, and sharing resources that respond to the needs of the community. 

To join the Growing School Food Gardens group:

1) Log in to the Kids Garden Community
2) Find "Growing School Food Gardens" in the All Groups list and click "Join". 
3) Seeds can be requested from the group homepage. 

This year-long project will encompass:

  1. A needs assessment survey. We are in the planning phase of this project and were able to gain the perspectives of 542 school garden leaders in a preliminary needs assessment survey. View the Needs Assessment Report

  2. The GSFG sub-community hosted on the Kids Garden Community to facilitate peer-to-peer learning opportunities, mentorship programs, regional networking, and resource exchanges. 

  3. 12 coaching calls and 4 webinars based on relevant and requested topics of interest.

  4. A GSFG Toolkit - a comprehensive, free virtual resource created for youth educators and leaders to create, maintain, and cultivate sustainable school food gardens.