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  • 1.  Victory Gardens

    Posted 11-01-2021 04:36:00 PM
    During World War I and World War II, Victory Gardens were promoted as a way to help farmers direct more of their crops toward feeding soldiers.  Canning and preserving produce from your  Victory Garden was also promoted as a patriotic effort.  Home demonstration agents, all women, taught classes in homes and in community centers to teach people how to can as well as how to cook with less sugar, less wheat, and so on. 

    The Library of Congress has a ton of the posters and photos used to promote and document these efforts.  The posters are colorful and can be printed and used without any copyright issues. The photos are fantastic for doing then and now comparisons with kids. 

    Here is one link to World War II materials, these were created through the Works Progress Administration; there are others under the Rural Electrification Administration: 

    This second link are entirely WPA posters:

    Happy exploring! 
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  • 2.  RE: Victory Gardens

    Posted 11-02-2021 04:13:00 AM
    Victory Gardens were created by families on the Home Front in the United States during World War II to help prevent a food shortage. This means there was enough food for everyone! Victory Gardens were planted to ensure that our men fighting around the world had enough food. If you want to more idea about gardens check out the page

    Agastya Diya