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  • 1.  Youth surveys

    Posted 04-07-2022 01:14:00 PM
    Hi there!
    I will be working with a group of Middle and High school youth this summer and was interested in having them fill out a pre and post survey.  Has any one used a survey they were happy with to measure success?
    These students will have options to: adopt and tend a raised veggie bed  without the use of synthetic chemicals, help seniors manage a raised bed, harvest and sell produce at market, participate in cooking demos from the garden, assist with children's garden activities, and help collect excess produce from the Farmers Mkt to take to the Food Pantry. 
    Thanks for your help!  

    Leigh Trembath
    Central Gardens of North Iowa
    Clear Lake, Iowa 50428


  • 2.  RE: Youth surveys

    Posted 04-11-2022 05:08:00 PM
    Hi Leigh! This sounds like such a fun summer program! Have you checked out this resource page on survey outcomes from the School Garden Support Organization Network? You can click on the survey question/topic on the left and then a list of links to sample surveys shows up for each one. I particularly like some of the ones under the "Student Engagement" section. They might not be exactly what you're looking for but maybe some of these can be adapted to your program needs. 

    We'd love to see what you end up using/creating if you're willing to share!

    Amelia Dupuis
    Kids Garden Community Manager