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School Garden Teacher Training + 5 School Garden Best Practices PDF

  • 1.  School Garden Teacher Training + 5 School Garden Best Practices PDF

    Posted 10-21-2021 03:01:00 PM
    Hi, Fellow Gardeners!

    I'm Suzanna, a new member of the community! I work for an organization called Green Our Planet.

    We are a nonprofit based in Las Vegas that brings school garden and hydroponics programs to schools across the country. Our mission is to help educators deliver engaging STEM lessons, increase student academic performance in STEM subjects, improve student nutrition, health, and most importantly, promote environmental knowledge and consciousness through school gardens.

    A huge part of our strategy is alleviating the burden educators experience to create and deliver this magical educational experience on their own. Therefore, we make our programs turn-key and provide trainings that give educators the confidence and know-how to incorporate school gardens and hydroponics in their classrooms.

    We have a virtual training coming up on November 1st! The training is geared towards educators, but anyone interested in using school gardens as a learning tool is welcome!

    Check out the attachment for more information, links to sign up, and a pdf document outlining 5 best practices for teaching in the garden!

    Suzanna Bradley