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Free Workshops Designed for the Classroom!

  • 1.  Free Workshops Designed for the Classroom!

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    This year, the Massachusetts Farm and Sea to School Conference  will be centered on youth leadership and empowerment in the farm to school movement.At 10AM each day there will be free virtual presentations where students will be inspired by and  learn from their passionate peers across the state. in youth-led workshops. Topics range from climate activism, school-wide composting, to food and farm justice.On Saturday, May 21st there will be in-person field trips organized around the state. We hope you and your students will consider participating in a no cost farm, fishery and garden tour close to home!There will also be sessions designed for educators held at 4:00PM and will focus on curriculum design, creating cultures of equity, and food system education.Learn more about the conference and register at (edited) 

    Rebecca Kelley