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  • 1.  Clipboards

    Posted 04-01-2022 03:13:00 PM
    I want to buy a classroom set of clipboards for our garden.   I was thinking they would stay in a thick Rubbermaid within the garden so the teachers could grab the set whenever they want to.   Does anyone have any brands that have held up well? Or a place where they got a good deal, I need 25.    Do cheap ones hold up or do I need to spend more so they last?
    Thanks for any advice before I purchase some. 

    Camille Walker
    Elementary school garden

  • 2.  RE: Clipboards

    Posted 04-02-2022 07:07:00 PM
    Hi Camille,
    We've been using some clipboards that we purchased at our local dollar store for years now and they have held up quite well in the garden. We just used them this week to track pollinators. Storing them in a closed container is a great idea!

    Kelly Victoria Mitchell
    Balboa Gifted Magnet School