Early Childhood Gardening

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  • 1.  Favorite activities for Pre-K students?

    Posted 07-22-2021 06:53:00 PM
    Hi all, 

    What are your favorite activities to do with pre-k and elementary-age students, apart from regular garden tasks like planting, watering, weeding, digging, harvesting, etc.?

    Some of the ones my students have enjoyed the most are making floral arrangements for Mother's day, collecting seeds pods and saving seeds, and helping make tropical fruit smoothies. 

    Looking forward to reading your ideas!

    Lily Nguyen
    Education Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Favorite activities for Pre-K students?

    Posted 08-23-2021 03:13:00 PM

    Our students love making their own watering can out of a plastic bottle and using it in the garden, creating whirligigs for the garden and playing with small plastic insects & animals in a box of soil while we talk about which ones live in or visit our gardens above and below ground. 

    Aerin Brownlee