Early Childhood Gardening

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  • 1.  Advice wanted on how to restart

    Posted 05-20-2023 01:35:00 PM

    I have spent the last school year as a classroom teacher.  The school garden experienced almost full neglect. Admin is finally moving me back to Garden Teacher next month, which will involve working with small groups ages 2.5-5.

    I am looking for ideas on how to restart.  What would you do, or what resources would you consult to create a systematic approach to garden-based teaching, especially considering the current state of the garden?

    Dana Ferrarelli
    Kid Works Children's Center, Long Beach, CA

  • 2.  RE: Advice wanted on how to restart

    Posted 06-01-2023 09:35:00 AM

    I would just start at the beginning: pulling weeds, refilling garden beds with soil, starting seeds in pots until the garden is ready. All of those could be done over a few weeks with small groups. Good luck on your new garden!

    Vicki Uden

  • 3.  RE: Advice wanted on how to restart

    Posted 06-04-2023 04:30:00 PM


    I experienced the same restart.  I found that using the no dig, no till technique was the best and it was better for the soil too.  I simply overlapped cardboard that was soaked in water and covered with new garden soil about 3-5" deep.  I did cut the weeds so that the cardboard would lay flat. You do not pull the weeds. The micro biome in the soil will feed in the dying roots.

    once soil is placed on top you plant away!  Seeds will be easy to place in the new soil.  If you have plants then you will simply cut through the cardboard.  You will find that the cardboard will prevent weeds for a year.  The lack of sunlight really does all the work. 

    I run a garden that feeds families in the summer and provides teens summer jobs to maintain.  Families pay $18 a week for 12 weeks of weekly produce in a co-op. It works well to keep beds maintained in the summer.  Teens work from 8-12 on M/W/F.  

    during school students study plants and get to harvest crops and eat them.  It is a win win.  

    I am pesticide free and produce over a ton of food in nine raised beds and verticals gardening of melons and winter squash and beans on the fence.  Visit fayetteacademy.com/garden to see a one minute video.  Hope this helps. 

    donna burrus
    Fayette Academy
    Somerville TN