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  • 1.  Join us! Composting Community Chat 10/26

    Posted 10-19-2022 12:58:00 PM

    If you're dabbling in the wonderful world of compost, totally confused about how to even start, or a composting pro, next week's Community Chat is for you! 

    I'm really excited to chat with everyone about all things composting and youth gardening in homes, schools, community, and nonprofit gardens.

    Also super excited to have some topic specialists on the call to help answer questions!

    Alisha Howard - Owner of the vermicomposting (worm composting!) practice Deep Rootz Worms in Portland, OR
    John Fisher - Director of Programs and Partnerships at Life Lab in Santa Cruz, CA
    Sarah Pounders - Senior Education Specialist at KidsGardening in Texas

    Add your composting ideas (even if you can't attend) to this Jamboard!

    Learn more and register. 10/26 @3PM ET

    Amelia Dupuis
    Kids Garden Community Manager

  • 2.  RE: Join us! Composting Community Chat 10/26

    Posted 10-27-2022 01:02:00 PM

    Composting Community Chat recap! I'm still digesting all of the great information that was shared during this hour. Huge thank you to everyone who joined (30+ members!!!) and brought so many great questions and a wealth of knowledge. The recording of the Chat is attached for anyone to view and time stamps are included below. Also attaching the Zoom chat box convo because a lot was shared in there.

    Here are some composting resources to check out:

    For compost bins and systems:

    • Subpod - in-ground compost system and worm farm - recommended by several Community members! And they have a composting community. (Discount for Kids Garden Community members included here)

    • Gardener's Supply - A lot of options for compost bins and tumblers – can be pricey but they offer a 25% discount for schools (specific instructions to get the discount are included here)

    Educational resources:

    Funding sources for composting:

    • See if your state has food waste prevention grants/incentives

    • Local municipal waste division grants for composting to divert materials from landfills

    • Local municipalities may donate compost bins to schools

    • Charge a fee for taking scraps from local restaurants ( some states restaurants may not be allowed to trash food scraps)

    Other composting threads here in the Kids Garden Community:

    Other composting events:

    Recording time stamps:

    11:45 - how to choose a composting system and the questions to consider before getting started

    20:00 - great school composting example walkthrough from John (and some great signage examples)

    28:20 - using animal manure (note of caution from the chat box - be wary of using animal manure if the animals have been treated with chemicals, medicines, dewormers, etc.)

    34:55 - questions about adding certain materials to compost piles

    46:15 - funding options for bins and composting programs

    55:45 - smaller and lower effort composting activities without a composting bin

    Amelia Dupuis
    Kids Garden Community Manager


  • 3.  RE: Join us! Composting Community Chat 10/26

    Posted 05-18-2023 11:45:00 AM

    Hey friends! My colleague @Noel Nicholas (She/Her/Hers) jumped on all the composting interest from the Community Chat last fall and is hosting a Composting with Kids webinar next week (May 23rd at 7PM ET)! @Alisha Howard (Alisha was a topic specialist on the Community Chat!) and @Catherine Buxton will be presenting. 

    This will be recorded if you can't join and you can drop your questions here or in the Q&A feature in Crowdcast. 
    Learn more and register

    Amelia Dupuis
    Kids Garden Community Manager

  • 4.  RE: Join us! Composting Community Chat 10/26

    Posted 05-18-2023 12:13:00 PM
    I just want to give a shout-out to my friend, Cat who is joining this webinar as a presenter. ��

    If you're at all interested in composting and can join this webinar, you should. You'll learn so much. Cat has been running an amazing composting program at a local school for more than ten years. Learn more

    She is such an inspiration and doing great work:

    Em Shipman 
    Executive Director