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  • 1.  Rain Catchment Systems

    Posted 08-04-2023 11:32:00 AM

    I did a search and didn't see anything- which in a gardening group is weird! We have a  soon to be youth garden with no real access to water except a creek that flows though. Size is about 33x33, so it's a big space. Looking for some creative ideas to harvest rain water and any other ideas for under $500. Extra bonus if its something youth can help do. Also, if anyone is aware of any grants for water supply (we even have two chickens and a rooster coming soon), let me know.  Would love to see any pictures too!

    Alycia Wright
    Richmond Va

  • 2.  RE: Rain Catchment Systems

    Posted 08-05-2023 11:07:00 AM

    I've seen lots of folks put gutters and rain barrels on chicken coops. Then you can make automatic waterers for the chickens, and use some of the water for the plants. 

    Dana Bittinger

  • 3.  RE: Rain Catchment Systems

    Posted 08-06-2023 02:32:00 PM

    Hi Alycia!

    Rainwater usage directly on vegetables is not recommended.  There are many food safety issues that go with this.  Additionally, rainwater testing is recommended on a regular basis. Local and state agencies also make regional decisions about it. 

    Here is some additional info if you want to read on.,Water%20should%20be%20applied%20in%20the%20morning%20only.

    Good luck! Water is everything! 


    Kim Aman
    Grow Garden Grow
    Dallas TX