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We feature resources that help inspire, educate, and inform Kids Garden Community members to create thoughtful and high-quality learning opportunities for kids. 

Resources in this library are first screened to meet criteria for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, then reviewed prior to posting by our Resource Review Committee to verify they are reliable and appropriate for our members. Before making your submission, please check that it meets these criteria: 

  • Credible and created by a reputable source, readily accessible, and well-regarded by practitioners.

  • High-quality in its written and visual content, stands out among resources of its type, and makes connections to other applications, resources, or sources (external resources, academic standards, citations, etc.).

  • Relevant and appropriate to garden educators and/or students and favors inquiry-based, student-led, hands-on, experiential, and place-based learning.

**This resource library will host both free and paid resources. However, if you submit a paid resource, you must provide an accessible file or copy of the resource upon submission in order for our committee to be able to review it.**

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We begin the review process for submissions at the beginning of each month. You will receive a response regarding whether the committee has approved the resource at the end of the month the resource was submitted and any feedback if applicable. 

Questions about submitting a resource? Contact Amelia Dupuis at

Resource Review Committee

Kim Aman, Executive Director, Grow Garden Grow
Marie Dennan, National Education Manager, Big Green
Sarah Lane, Program Director, KidsGardening
Noel Nicholas, Educational Content Manager, KidsGardening
Sarah Pounders, Education Specialist, KidsGardening
Lisa Whittlesey, Junior Master Gardener Program