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12-16-2021 07:54:09 AM

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BackPocket Learning was created by Life Lab with support from Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation.

BackPocket Learning is collection of activities that every garden educator or parent should have in their “Back Pocket”.

The activities referenced on this searchable directory are based on the following criteria:

  1. Minimal materials needed. Most everything you need to do these activities you already have.

  2. Ease of implementation. 

  3. Encourages outdoor exploration such as stepping out on your porch, in your yard or garden. 

  4. Healthy, plant-based recipes with easily accessible ingredients.

  5. Not screen-based (with the exception of some instructional videos).


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30 days ago

Yes, it seems the link is still broken or at least 'not secure' so computer is stopped. Thanks for fixing.

07-05-2023 11:22:08 AM

Seems like the link to access the activities is broken, would you let me know if this link is still working

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