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S.O.W.: Food Gardening with Justice in Mind 

06-14-2022 11:03:49 AM

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Project S.O.W. (Seeds of Wonder): Food Gardening with Justice in Mind, a food gardening curriculum for educators who work with young people ages 13-19, centering personal growth, community connection, and equity.

In Project S.O.W., youth work together to investigate how to grow food, explore their relationship with the land and food system, and practice leadership in their communities. Youth discover the power of food gardening to provide their families and communities with fresh and affordable food, and experience firsthand the resilience, confidence, and connection that this time-honored practice brings.

The curriculum has four units, each having three types of group activities: Introductory (shorter length activities that focus on trust, community building, and seeing what the group already knows on a particular topic), Digging In (lengthier activities that explore a topic more deeply and add new information), and Gardening (activities that focus on growing food and garden care). In each unit, we connect activities to New York State Learning Standards and 4-H Life Skills. This curriculum has been created for groups of 6 to 20 participants, yet is adaptable to smaller and larger groups, and can be used in a wide variety of school, afterschool, and community settings. All youth engaged in Project S.O.W. are encouraged to have a food gardening experience. The curriculum has been designed with flexibility to support youth having diverse growing experiences- indoors or outdoors; in containers or the ground. We define a garden as any space that you intentionally cultivate plants.


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