Gardening with Kids at Home

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  • 1.  At Home Winter Activities

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hello everyone,

    I am a FoodCorps service member in Detroit. Since the beginning of the school year, class has been in person and I focused a lot on hands-on learning in the garden and classroom, along with occasional taste tests. COVID cases in the city have been increasing, and the district is now doing virtual school. I was looking for some ideas for virtual lessons that involve gardening, nature, and/or vegetables and fruits! Easy cooking demonstrations would be nice, and I was thinking I could demonstrate some fun at home activities intended for parents/kids while on the zoom call. If anyone has any indoor winter activities highlighting these things, please send them my way.

    Thank you :)

    Laura Sajdak

  • 2.  RE: At Home Winter Activities

    Posted 2 days ago
    You could make an omelet with eggs and green onions/scallions, save and wash the shells and the egg carton. On another day use the eggshells to start seeds for planting directly into the garden! Teach them about regrowing scallions by putting the remaining couple inches and the roots in water!

    Donna Miller